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Thursday, 14 March 2013 00:00

Very Good Words#6

Very Good Words#6 Study Section

Thursday, 14 March 2013 00:00

Very Good Words#2

Welcome to the Very Good Words#2 Section.

Below at the bottom of the page you will find all of the downloads for this section.

You can download:

  1. The Very Good Words#2 Study Video

  2. A Word List/Poster

  3. A Musical Study MP3

  4. A series of translated sentences corresponding to each word in the vocabulary list.

  5. An MP3 file showing how to pronounce each sentence in English and Korean.

Step 1:  Download all the materials

Step 2: Study the Very Good Words Video and try to memorize the words.

Step3: Follow the word poster as you listen to the song. (It helps you to memorize and sing the song)

Step4: After memorizing the words, try to memorize the matching complete sentences while reading and listening to the sentence study mp3

Step5: If you're teaching a class or just studying by yourself, try to listen to the English or Korean sentence first and match the meaning.  For example: You hear, "난 친구가 많아요!"  Try to guess the English meaning.  Also you can read the sentences in one language and try to say it in the other language.  If you're teaching the class, you can have the students write out maybe five sentences in both English and Korean.  Then for the next class you can quiz the material by asking to translate the Korean Sentences into English.