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Very Good Words#4

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Very Good Words#4 Study Section:

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Very Good Words#4

  1. For example: 예를 들면

  2. Chill out! 침작하다

  3. What's up? 무슨일이야?

  4. What's happening? 무슨일이야?

  5. Generous 관대한

  6. Future 미래

  7. Past 과거

  8. Present 현재

  9. War 전쟁

  10. Attack 공격하다

  11. Defend 방어하다

  12. Appeared 나타났다

  13. Possible 가능한

  14. Because 왜냐하면

  15. More than 그이상

  16. If 만약, 한다면

  17. What kind? 무슨 종류의

  18. Show 보여주다

  19. Punish 벌주다

  20. Anyways 어째튼

  21. Beginning 시작하다

  22. The way 방법,

  23. Wasting time 시간을 허비하는

  24. Doesn't make sense 말이 안되다

  25. Succeed 성공/ 성공하다

  26. Failed 실패/실패하다

  27. Good, Better, Best 좋은, 더좋은, 재일 좋은

  28. Reason 이유

  29. Do me a favor. 부탁이있어.

  30. Getting -이되는

  31. Growing 자라는/성장하는

  32. Darling, dear, sweety, honey 사랑하는 사람을부를때..

  33. Mistake 실수

  34. Enjoy 즐기다

  35. frustrated 좌절하는/낙담하는

  36. It's good to see you! 만나서기뻐요.

  37. Wet/dry 젖은, 마른

  38. Figured out 해결하다/(문제)룰 풀다

  39. But 그러나

  40. So 그래서

  41. Honest/Lie 정직한/거짓말

  42. What are you talking about? 무슨 말하는거야?

  43. Confused 혼동하눈/혼란스러운

  44. Promise 약속

  45. Give up 포기하다

  46. While/As -하는동안/-동안, -할때


So you want

to be an English Star?


I'll tell you

the way.


all of my

Very Good Words.

Learn the words



waste your time!

Oh yes...

It is possible!

And you will

thank me

in the future!!

That's a promise!

I'm not lying!

So....don't feel


Do you know

what I'm talking about?

Is English getting easy?


don't give up


Enjoy English

Bye, my dears!”


December 11th, 2003 (Original Publish Date)


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