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Monday, 22 April 2013 00:00

VGW2 Words

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 00:00

VGW2 Sentences

Very Good Words#2 Sentences


1. I have a good life. 난 멋진 인생을 살고 있어요.

2. He is very healthy. 그 사람 아주 건강해요.

3. My job is fun. 내 일은 재미있어.

4. English isn't difficult. 영어는 어렵지 않아.

5. This  game is easy.  이 게임은 쉬워.

6. Let's go to the park. 공원에 가자.

7. I'm on top of the mountain. 나 산꼭대기 정상에 있어.

8. Please don't pout. 제발 삐지지좀 마.

9. Do you know the meaning?  뜻을알겠어?

10. Bike riding is a little bit dangerous. 자전거타는거는조금위험해.

11. My Grandfather died. 내할아버지돌아가셨어.

12. Why are you so lazy? 넌왜그렇게게을러?

13. I'm hanging out with my friends today. 오늘은친구하고놀거야.

14. I saw a bad car accident. 심한차사고를봤어.

15. Do you remember this word? 이단어기억해?

16. I forgot that word. 그단어를잊었어.

17. My room is very neat. 내방은아주깔끔해.

18. My brother's room is messy. 오빠방은지저분해.

19. Please concentrate in the classroom. 수업에집중해주세요.

20. I should study english. 영어공부해야돼.

21. My stomach feels sick. 배가아파.

22. Did you ever eat dog? 개고기먹어본적있니?

23. That's cool. 멋지다.

24. That's sucks. 거지같다.

25. You can ask your teacher.  너네선생님한테여쭤봐.

26. What is your opinion? 네의견은뭐야?

27. Rollerblading is really awesome!  롤러블레이드는정말멋져.

28. Please respect me. 나좀존경해라.

29. I memorized all of the words. 이단어들전부암기했어.

30. This boy is very polite! 소년은아주예의가바르구나.

31. This boy is very rude! 이소년은아주무례하구나.

32. Do the test by yourself. 네스스로시험봐봐.

33. You can do as you wish. 네가원하는대로할수있어.

34. Lions and Tigers are similar. 사자하고호랑이는비슷해.

35. I am a serious teacher. 난진지한선생님이야.

36. Let's go outside. 밖으로나가자.

37. You shouldprotect the King. 왕을보호해야돼.

38. Can youimagine flying like Harry Potter? 해리포터처럼나는것을상상해보겠니?

39. I'm sorry.  I changed my mind. 미안해. 마음을바꿨어.

40. The car is moving backwards! 저차는뒤로가네.

41. Are we going forward? 우리느앞으로전진하나요?

42. The money disappeared. 돈이사라졌어.

43. He is a popular student. 그애는인기있는학생이야.

44. It seems cold outside. 밖이추운거같아.

45. I realized that english is easy.  영어가 쉽다는걸 알게됐어.