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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1.  Is Mr. Bondaygee's ESL System free?

Yes! Merry Christmas!  I'm happy to say that The Bondaygee ESL System is currently free and you can download all it's contents to use, study and share with anybody.

However, since it took many days to create, I would be very touched if you made a tiny donations of even a dollar.  Here's the donation link:


Question: 2. Who is The Bondaygee ESL System for?

Anwser: The Bondaygee ESL System was made for everybody! Enjoy! To be a little more specific, however, I would say that The Bondaygee ESL System is excellent for people who are new to studying English.  By that I mean, children, Mothers, Fathers and or adults who never studied English before or didn't like the "old rigid teaching methods."  The Bondaygee ESL System is meant to be like a real "breath of fresh air," meaning this is a system, which was made by a true language learning lover who believed that ESL can be fun, exciting, interesting, humourus, easy and entertaining.  It was made with latest discovers from the Psychology of learning and creativity!  If you didn't like English before, try again with this system and you'll be surprised how fast you learn.  Bondaygee's ESL System is a "speed learning" system, which is intended to connect with your entire psyche, not just your mind, but your heart and soul as well!

Another important note to add is that The Bondaygee ESL System is also for people want to learn the Korean Language.  Or for Native English Teachers, wishing to learn Korean fast while they are teaching ESL.   This was one of my reasons for making the system in the first place.  Have fun and feel free to ask questions or contact me.

Question: 3. Is The Bondaygee ESL System still improving?

Answer: Absolutely!  However a small donation were certainly help.  Thanks.

Question: 4 What's Mr. Bondaygee's real name?

Answer: My real name is James Purdie, however, in Korea people started calling me Mr. Bondaygee after I create a "Bondaygee Song," video and movie.  Introducing myself as "Mr. Bondaygee" seemed to turn on a lot of people's imaginations and the desire to learn.  Click here to hear the full story.

Question: 5. How long did you, Mr Bondaygee, live in Korea.

Answer: I spent approximately 10 years in Korea, living in Kongju, Cheongju and lastly Seoul.  I first arrived in the summer of 1997 after graduating from The University of British Columbia.  The last time I left Korea was 2011.

Question: 6. Where do you currently live?

Answer: I currently live in Kelowna, BC, Canada.  This is one of most beautiful cities in Canada.  Do an image search on google for "Kelowna."

Question: 7.  What's the best way to use The Bondaygee ESL System?

Answer:  Please click here and read the article on "How to use the Bondaygee System".

Question: 8.  How good is the The Bondaygee ESL System?

Answer:  Well I can honestly say that in my ten years of teaching ESL in Korea, I never saw an ESL System faster than this one.  Most teaching methods and schools throughout Korea, teach ESL in a way that doesn't promote "permanent and meaningful memories".  That's why I made a revolutionary system with music, which is intended to last a life time! I still sing these word songs several years later and I still love them too.  So many good memories are packed into each one!  Honestly, on my first or second day in Korea, while teaching in a Kongju Elementary School, I started singing the Alphabet to the class while juggling balls.  The kids cheered as they learned and when I left the class, the school Pricinpal turned to me and said, "You are a Pioneer in ESL!"  I spent 10 years teaching creatively while constantly innovating.

Question: 9.  How fast is the Bondaygee ESL System?

Answer:  If you've already learned the English Alphabet and Phonics, then you can easily learn a word song-video-vocab list in one day.   On the other hand, if you are an absolute beginner in ESL, then I recommend you visit my "Beginner Section" of the Menu (완전초보).  There you will find what you need to get started with English.  It includes lessons on the Alphabet and Phonics, etc.

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