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Easy English Questions

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This are the most basic and easy English Questions.  Please learn them perfectly!


                              Basic English Questions:


1. What's your name? My name is ______

  이름이 뭐니?

2. How are you? I'm ____. (fine, ok, good, soso, bad)


3. How old are you? I'm ___ years old.


4. What day is it today? Today is ___ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) 오늘은 무슨 요일이니?

5. What do you like? I like _____

   뭘 좋아하니?

6. What do you want? I want ______

   뭘 원하니?

7. How's the weather? It's _____ (rainy, sunny, cloudy, snowy, hot, cold, warm, cool )

   날씨가 어때?

8. How do you feel? I feel ______ (happy, angry, sad, depressed, excited, scared, thirsty, hungry, worried)기분이 어때?

9. What's your favorite ______? My favorite ______ is ______.   (color, food, drink, song, movie...)

   네가 제일 좋아하는 ____ 이 (가) 뭐니?

10. Where do you live? I live in _______  (Seoul, ~동, ~Apartment, etc)

   어디 사니?

11. What are you doing? I'm ____(studying,reading,writing,watchingtv,playing the piano...)

   뭐 하고 있니?

12. What time is it? It's ____ .


13. What do you have? I have a ___.   (pencil, money, 500 won,keys,notebook).

   뭘 가지고 있니?

14. Can you _____ ?  ____ 할 수 있니?

Yes I can. No I can't.

(swim, read, draw, play piano..)


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