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Mr. Bondaygee's Alphabet Song

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OK.  I'm glad you came here! This is the right way to start studying English.  You must first learn the Alphabet.

Try to memorize this song and the small sentence:

1. A is for ant.

2. B is for banana.

3. C is for car.

These sentences will help you remember the sound of each letter.  "A is for ant".  Think 아..아 아..ant. "A" 소리는 '아'!

Take a look below for a full list of easy ESL words to go with each letter!


Learning a word and image for each letter of the alphabet is a great way to help students remember the phonics sound of each letter.  So here's a collection done by my students and I in Cheongju, South Korea.  This was at my old school JJ's English Friends at 봉명동, 은천시장.  Hello to my old students who are just finding this today.  
A is for ant.
B is for banana.
C is for car.
D is for dinosaur.
E is for egg.
F is for fish.
G is for game
H is for hamburger.
I is for insects.
J is for jacket.
K is for king.
L is for lion.
M is for money
N is for no.
O is for octopus.
P is for pizza.
Q is for queen.
R is rocket.
S is for snake.
T is for tiger.
U is for ugly.
V is for van.
W is for watermelon.
X is for x-ray.
Y is for yoyo.
Z is for zebra.

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