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Sunday, 21 April 2013 01:22

Mr. Bondaygee's Alphabet Song

OK.  I'm glad you came here! This is the right way to start studying English.  You must first learn the Alphabet.

Try to memorize this song and the small sentence:

1. A is for ant.

2. B is for banana.

3. C is for car.

These sentences will help you remember the sound of each letter.  "A is for ant".  Think 아..아 아..ant. "A" 소리는 '아'!

Take a look below for a full list of easy ESL words to go with each letter!


Learning a word and image for each letter of the alphabet is a great way to help students remember the phonics sound of each letter.  So here's a collection done by my students and I in Cheongju, South Korea.  This was at my old school JJ's English Friends at 봉명동, 은천시장.  Hello to my old students who are just finding this today.  
A is for ant.
B is for banana.
C is for car.
D is for dinosaur.
E is for egg.
F is for fish.
G is for game
H is for hamburger.
I is for insects.
J is for jacket.
K is for king.
L is for lion.
M is for money
N is for no.
O is for octopus.
P is for pizza.
Q is for queen.
R is rocket.
S is for snake.
T is for tiger.
U is for ugly.
V is for van.
W is for watermelon.
X is for x-ray.
Y is for yoyo.
Z is for zebra.

Saturday, 20 April 2013 00:00

Cute Stuff

In my years of teaching, I've collected a lot of funny, cute and touching things.  I just thought of sharing a few minutes ago.  Some of these things are real treasures to me.  It's nice to see the love you put into your teaching come back to you!






Friday, 12 April 2013 00:00

The 'Bondaygee' Philosophy

I just thought I would explain a few of the teaching principles which I hold dear. 


1. Teaching should be fun.  Learning should be fun.  Learning feels great. 

2. Languages open doors to cultures of the world.  The learning potential is immeasurable. Every culture has rich cultural treasures, which can be learned and appreciated.

3. Music is a wonderful way to keep studying fun and interesting because it has spiritual value to it.  It also makes unforgettable memories.

4. Language learning can be a natural joy when you're interested in the "other culture" or person.  Find a language teacher you like.  A good teacher is priceless asset in your life.  Some people, maybe be shouldn't be teaching.  Some people have a natural joy for teaching and passion for the subject matter.  Those are the best teachers.  The opposite kind can really hurt your impression of a subject.

5. Teaching in creative, imaginative ways can be a powerful asset.  When I became "James  Bondaygee" in Korea and introduced myself in that manner, students suddenly were fascinated and loved to learn.

6. While teaching, you can create a wonderful energy, like you do with music.  Comedy is a wonderful art too, which can make students really happy.  You can improvise humor as you teach if you like.  I've had groups of students feeling "so high" and happy and they never wanted to stop class.  It can be like a lovely magic.

7.  Einstein is one of my biggest influences.  Don't forget how Einstein values creativity and imagination over knowledge.  Learn to be creative and original.  Don't be afraid to be yourself.  I see a lot of that in Korea.  Don't be scared of being different or choosing a career that is different from what your parents' expect.  Your true passions are the keys to your own inner genius!  Passions are spiritual in nature and provide and unlimited supply of natural energy and enthusiasm.

Take it from Einstein:

 c1933….Albert Einstein plays in trio on the S. S. Deutchland on his way to America.

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”


Tuesday, 02 April 2013 00:21

VGW1 Test1

Very Good Words#1 Study Sentences: Test 1

Please write the following sentences in English.


1. 난 친구가 많아요.



2.그 게임은 정말 형편없어.



3. 이 소녀는 아주 똑똑해.



4. 나 너 좋아해.



5. 피자 먹고 싶어.



6.  내가 좋아하는 색이 뭔지 맞춰볼래?




7. 난 비밀을 알아.




8. 아마도 내가 널 사랑하나봐.




9. 난 돈이 많아.




10. 내 취미는 피아노 연주하는거야.






1. 난 친구가 많아요. I have a lot of friends.

2. 그 게임은 정말 형편없어. That game is stupid.

3. 이 소녀는 아주 똑똑해.  This girl is smart.

4. 나 너 좋아해.  I like you.

5. 피자 먹고 싶어.  I want a pizza.

6. 내가 좋아하는 색이 뭔지 맞춰볼래?  Can you guess my favorite color?

7.  난 비밀을 알아.  I know a secret.

8.  아마도 내가 널 사랑하나봐.  Maybe I love you.

9. 난 돈이 많아.  I have a lot of money.

10. 내 취미는 피아노 연주하는거야.  My hobby is playing the piano.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 00:00

ESL Study Beginners

Hello and welcome to Mr. Bondaygee's Fun ESL System.  If you are a true beginner and have never studied English before, then you have really come to the right place!  For I, James Bondaygee, have spent many years teaching ESL to beginners.  I have a lot of fun things to share with you.  I'm a "Willy Wonka of ESL" you may think.  Welcome to Mr. Bondaygee's World!  I'm so very happy that you chose to come and start your friendly adventure with me.  Here I'll share all of my basic English study materials and wonderful secrets! 

ESL Beginner's Study Menu


Learn the Alphabet



Learn Phonics


Easy English Questions



Easy Verbs




Small Talk

 The Most Important Conversation You can Learn!

Small Talk


Wednesday, 27 March 2013 19:16

Very Good Words#8

Very Good Words#8 Study Section

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1.  Is Mr. Bondaygee's ESL System free?

Yes! Merry Christmas!  I'm happy to say that The Bondaygee ESL System is currently free and you can download all it's contents to use, study and share with anybody.

However, since it took many days to create, I would be very touched if you made a tiny donations of even a dollar.  Here's the donation link:


Question: 2. Who is The Bondaygee ESL System for?

Anwser: The Bondaygee ESL System was made for everybody! Enjoy! To be a little more specific, however, I would say that The Bondaygee ESL System is excellent for people who are new to studying English.  By that I mean, children, Mothers, Fathers and or adults who never studied English before or didn't like the "old rigid teaching methods."  The Bondaygee ESL System is meant to be like a real "breath of fresh air," meaning this is a system, which was made by a true language learning lover who believed that ESL can be fun, exciting, interesting, humourus, easy and entertaining.  It was made with latest discovers from the Psychology of learning and creativity!  If you didn't like English before, try again with this system and you'll be surprised how fast you learn.  Bondaygee's ESL System is a "speed learning" system, which is intended to connect with your entire psyche, not just your mind, but your heart and soul as well!

Another important note to add is that The Bondaygee ESL System is also for people want to learn the Korean Language.  Or for Native English Teachers, wishing to learn Korean fast while they are teaching ESL.   This was one of my reasons for making the system in the first place.  Have fun and feel free to ask questions or contact me.

Question: 3. Is The Bondaygee ESL System still improving?

Answer: Absolutely!  However a small donation were certainly help.  Thanks.

Question: 4 What's Mr. Bondaygee's real name?

Answer: My real name is James Purdie, however, in Korea people started calling me Mr. Bondaygee after I create a "Bondaygee Song," video and movie.  Introducing myself as "Mr. Bondaygee" seemed to turn on a lot of people's imaginations and the desire to learn.  Click here to hear the full story.

Question: 5. How long did you, Mr Bondaygee, live in Korea.

Answer: I spent approximately 10 years in Korea, living in Kongju, Cheongju and lastly Seoul.  I first arrived in the summer of 1997 after graduating from The University of British Columbia.  The last time I left Korea was 2011.

Question: 6. Where do you currently live?

Answer: I currently live in Kelowna, BC, Canada.  This is one of most beautiful cities in Canada.  Do an image search on google for "Kelowna."

Question: 7.  What's the best way to use The Bondaygee ESL System?

Answer:  Please click here and read the article on "How to use the Bondaygee System".

Question: 8.  How good is the The Bondaygee ESL System?

Answer:  Well I can honestly say that in my ten years of teaching ESL in Korea, I never saw an ESL System faster than this one.  Most teaching methods and schools throughout Korea, teach ESL in a way that doesn't promote "permanent and meaningful memories".  That's why I made a revolutionary system with music, which is intended to last a life time! I still sing these word songs several years later and I still love them too.  So many good memories are packed into each one!  Honestly, on my first or second day in Korea, while teaching in a Kongju Elementary School, I started singing the Alphabet to the class while juggling balls.  The kids cheered as they learned and when I left the class, the school Pricinpal turned to me and said, "You are a Pioneer in ESL!"  I spent 10 years teaching creatively while constantly innovating.

Question: 9.  How fast is the Bondaygee ESL System?

Answer:  If you've already learned the English Alphabet and Phonics, then you can easily learn a word song-video-vocab list in one day.   On the other hand, if you are an absolute beginner in ESL, then I recommend you visit my "Beginner Section" of the Menu (완전초보).  There you will find what you need to get started with English.  It includes lessons on the Alphabet and Phonics, etc.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 00:00

VGW4 Sentences

Very Good Words#4 Practice Sentences

1. For example....... 예를 들면,

2. Hey you guys Chill out!  얘들아, 좀 진정해

3. Hi everybody...what's up? 모두 안녕, 무슨일이야?

4. Hey you guys..What's happening? 얘들아, 무슨일인데?

5. He likes giving a lot....he's generous.  그 남자는 많이 주는걸 좋아해...  관대한 사람이야.

6. The future is interesting.미래는 흥미로워.

7. Do you want visit the past? 과거로 가보고 싶어?

8. I like living in the present. 현재에 사는것이 좋아.

9. Did your grandpa fight in the Korean war? 네 할아버지 한국전쟁에서 싸우셨니?

10. Oh my god...the aliens are attacking. 맙소사, 외계인이 공격하고 있어.

11. We got to defend Earth! 지구를 지켜야해.

12. The aliens appeared in the sky. 외계인이 하늘에서 나타났어.

13. Yes...it is possible to fly. 네,  그건 날수있어요.

14. I'm hiding because the aliens are here! 외계인이 여기 있어서 난 숨을거야.

15. I have more than you. 너보다 더 많아.

16. If the aliens come, we got to fight! 외계인이 온다면 우리는 싸워야 해.

17. What kind of man are you? 넌 어떤 종류의 남자냐?

18. Show me your leader. 네 대장을 소개해줘.

19. I must punish the rude students. 무례한 학생한테는 벌을 줘야해.

20. Anyways..what are you going do today? 아무튼,  오늘은 뭐할거니?

21. Oh oh..it's beginning to rain. 어,,, 비가오기 시작하네.

22. This is the way we wash our dog. 이게 우리가 강아지를 씻기는 방법이야.

23. Hey you noisy boys. Don't waste my time. 거기 떠드는 녀석들,,  내 시간 낭비하지 마.

24. This math problem doesn't make sense. 이 수학문제는 말이 안돼.

25. Do you really want to succeed? 너 정말 성공하고 싶어?

26. Oh OH..I failed my test. 오,, 시험에서 떨어졌어.

27. You are good and he is better. But I'm the best. 넌 괜찮은 애야. 그리고 그애는 더 괜찮아. 그렇지만 내가 최고야.

28. Do you know the reason he died? 그사람이 죽은 이유를 알아?

29. Can you please do me a favour? 내 부탁좀 들어줄래?

30. It's getting really hot outside! 밖이 아주 더워지고 있어.

31. My boy Julian is growing a lot. 내 아들 줄리안은 많이 자라고 있어.

32. I love you my darling/dear/sweety/honey. 당신을 사랑해, 내 사랑,,

33. Oh no..I made a mistake. 오노,,, 실수했어.

34. I really enjoy the Beatles. 난 정말 비틀즈 음악을 즐겨.

35. I'm feeling really frustrated. 기분이 엉망이 되고 있어/

36. It's good to see you, Jordan! 만나서 좋다, 조던.

37. Oh darnn, my clothes are wet. Now I got to dry them. 옷이젖었어. 옷을말려야겠어.

38. I figured out the math problem. 수학문제풀었어.

39. I like you, but I don't love you. 좋아하지만사랑하지는않아.

40. He died.  So now I'm the King! 그사람이죽었어. 그래서지금내가왕이야.

41. Please be honest and don't lie! 제발정직해지고거짓말좀하지마.

42. Man...I'm feeling so confused! 이런,,, 혼란스러워.

43. Hmmm.....what are you talking about? ... 무슨말을 하고 있는거야?

45. Don't give up....you're almost finished. 포기하지마.. 거의 끝냈어.

46. I like listening to music while I study. 난 공부하면서 음악듣는걸 좋아해.


Wednesday, 27 March 2013 00:00

VGW3 Sentences

Very Good Words#3 Practice Sentences


1. I choose the ActionGame. 액션게임을 선택했어.

2. Do you agree with me? 내 의견에 동의해?

3. The Americans destroyed Saddam's Palace. 미국인들이 사담의 궁을 파괴했어.

4. Hey..why did you wreck my toy? 야, 내 장난감을 왜 부셨어?

5. Harry Potter is brave. 해리 포터는 용감해.

6. What's the other boy's name? 다른 소년의 이름은 뭐야?

7. English is really a habit. 영어는 진짜로 습관이야.

8. Hey don't break my stick!야,, 내 막대리 부러뜨리지마.

9. That boy is really shy! 저 소년은 진짜로 수줍어해

10. I got to rest today. 오늘은 휴식을 취했어.

11. Do you want to watch the rest of the movie?  나머지 영화 보고 싶어?

12. I hope you learn english. 네가 영어를 배우기를 바래.

13. I'm glad you passed the test. 네가 시험에 통과해서 기뻐.

14. Why is he so upset? 그사람이 왜 그렇게 화났니?

15. I'm almost finished studying. 공부가 거의 끝났어.

16. You need to relax. 넌 휴식이 필요해.

17. I wonder why she didn't come. 그녀가 왜 안왔는지 궁금해.

18. This math problem is simple. 이 수학 문제는 간단해.

19. Soon it will be over. 곧 끝날거야.

20.You have a really good attitude. 넌 아주 좋은 태도를 가졌구나.

21. This is a really nice place. 여기는 아주 좋은 장소야.

22. Are you feeling comfortable? 기분이 편안해지고 있니?

23. I can't stand that actor! 저 배우는 못봐주겠다.

24. You have  become a man. 사나이가 되가는구나.

25. I'm really curious about stars. 난 아주 별에 관해 관심이 많아.

26. Suddenly the Aliens disappeared. 갑자기 외계인이 사라졌어.

27. You should stay at home today. 넌 오늘 집에 있어야 해.

28. She's gone away. 그녀는 멀리 떠났어.

29. You better study for the test, Brian! 시험에 대비해서 넌 공부좀 해야돼, 브라이언.

30. I already studied. 벌써 공부 했어.

31. Just one left.  Only one left. Just go!  한발짝 왼쪽으로, 한발짝만,

32. Do you want to continue? 계속 하고 싶어요?

33. Quickly change your clothes. 옷 빨리 갈아입어라.

34.  Oh my god...I'm really in trouble now! 맙소사,  난 지금 곤경에 처했어.

35. What else do you have? 그밖에 뭘 가지고 있어?

36. Did you check your email today? 오늘 이메일 확인했어?

37. I used to play the piano. 피아노 치곤 했어.

38. My mind is clear. 내 마음은 깨끗해.

39. That dog is so irritating. 저 개는 진짜 짜증난다.

40. It's obvious you didn't study. 확실히 넌 공부 안했어.

41. Did you decide the baby's name? 아기 이름 결정했어?

42. Ok...we have to cooperate! 오케이, 우리는 협조해야돼.

43. Stand in the middle of the classroom everybody. 모두들 교실 한가운데에 서세요.

44. You have to try. 넌 노력해야 돼.

45. What's the book about?그 책은 뭐에 관한거야?

 The pizza will be ready in about 10 minutes.

                         피자는 십분안에 준비될거야.

46. I'm leaving. See you later!! 간다, 나중에.

47. Do you have confidence? 확신하니?

48. What kind of pizza is this? This boy is kind. 이건무슨종류의피자야. 소년은친절해.

49. Outch...I hurt my finger. 아야, 손가락을 다쳤어.

50. I don't have enough money. 돈이 충분치가 않아.

51. Pardon me?   뭐라고요?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 00:00

VGW2 Sentences

Very Good Words#2 Sentences


1. I have a good life. 난 멋진 인생을 살고 있어요.

2. He is very healthy. 그 사람 아주 건강해요.

3. My job is fun. 내 일은 재미있어.

4. English isn't difficult. 영어는 어렵지 않아.

5. This  game is easy.  이 게임은 쉬워.

6. Let's go to the park. 공원에 가자.

7. I'm on top of the mountain. 나 산꼭대기 정상에 있어.

8. Please don't pout. 제발 삐지지좀 마.

9. Do you know the meaning?  뜻을알겠어?

10. Bike riding is a little bit dangerous. 자전거타는거는조금위험해.

11. My Grandfather died. 내할아버지돌아가셨어.

12. Why are you so lazy? 넌왜그렇게게을러?

13. I'm hanging out with my friends today. 오늘은친구하고놀거야.

14. I saw a bad car accident. 심한차사고를봤어.

15. Do you remember this word? 이단어기억해?

16. I forgot that word. 그단어를잊었어.

17. My room is very neat. 내방은아주깔끔해.

18. My brother's room is messy. 오빠방은지저분해.

19. Please concentrate in the classroom. 수업에집중해주세요.

20. I should study english. 영어공부해야돼.

21. My stomach feels sick. 배가아파.

22. Did you ever eat dog? 개고기먹어본적있니?

23. That's cool. 멋지다.

24. That's sucks. 거지같다.

25. You can ask your teacher.  너네선생님한테여쭤봐.

26. What is your opinion? 네의견은뭐야?

27. Rollerblading is really awesome!  롤러블레이드는정말멋져.

28. Please respect me. 나좀존경해라.

29. I memorized all of the words. 이단어들전부암기했어.

30. This boy is very polite! 소년은아주예의가바르구나.

31. This boy is very rude! 이소년은아주무례하구나.

32. Do the test by yourself. 네스스로시험봐봐.

33. You can do as you wish. 네가원하는대로할수있어.

34. Lions and Tigers are similar. 사자하고호랑이는비슷해.

35. I am a serious teacher. 난진지한선생님이야.

36. Let's go outside. 밖으로나가자.

37. You shouldprotect the King. 왕을보호해야돼.

38. Can youimagine flying like Harry Potter? 해리포터처럼나는것을상상해보겠니?

39. I'm sorry.  I changed my mind. 미안해. 마음을바꿨어.

40. The car is moving backwards! 저차는뒤로가네.

41. Are we going forward? 우리느앞으로전진하나요?

42. The money disappeared. 돈이사라졌어.

43. He is a popular student. 그애는인기있는학생이야.

44. It seems cold outside. 밖이추운거같아.

45. I realized that english is easy.  영어가 쉽다는걸 알게됐어.

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