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How to Use James' ESL System?

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Welcome to James' Free ESL System!

만나서 반갑습니다!

Hi Everybody! We're here to learn English or possibly learn Korean.  So let's get started!

Mr.Bondaygee's Very Good Words System is a very quick practical vocabulary building system for learners of English or Korean.  I created it to teach English (and to learn Korean at the same time), with an emphasis on perfect pronunciation, ease of learning, and of course, musical enjoyment!

In the above menu you will see the titles VGW1, VGW2, etc.  Their full titles are "Very Good Words#1" and "Very Good Words#2" respectively.

In each "VGW" Section, you will find links for:

  1. A Music Study Video (Very Good Words#1,2 etc)
  2. A Word List-Poster
  3. A Musical Study MP3 (VGW Song mp3 version to use on smartphone, etc)
  4. A series of translated sentences corresponding to each word in the vocabulary list.
  5. An MP3 file showing how to pronounce each sentence in English and Korean.

For Individual Learners:

If you are learning English or Korean by yourself.  Go to each section (VGW1, VGW2,etc) and download all the contents.  The download links are at the bottom of each page.  Watch the video as much as you can and possibly look at the word list simultaneously.  Notice how easy it is to memorize the words.  I've had some students memorize 100 words in one day!  Notice "Very Good Words#5" has approximately 100 words to learn and devour! (I know you have a big appetite for learning, but were merely lacking the method to feed your insatiable soul.  We all want to grow.)

Once you have memorized the song and words.  Notice with each time you listen to the song, your pronunciation gets better. One of the secrets of The Bondaygee's System is: with the musical background, you'll never forget the vocabulary or the pronunciation.  It's meant to last forever and not go, "In one ear and out the other!" like most language classes.  It's designed to create a lasting, meaningful memory.

So, once you've memorized the words, start working on sentences, listen to the mp3 files while reading the sentences at first. Later, try to guess what sentence is being spoken with the visual aid.  In a short time, you will have a natural feel for the English or Korean grammar system.


1st to memorize all of Bondaygee's Very Good Words!

For Public School Learners and Teachers:

My favorite situation for using The Bondaygee System is in the public school system of South Korea, like I used to do in Seoul.  To give an amazing vocabulary boost to your school, which is far beyond the expectation of your curriculum do this:

1. Tell your students your going to be using the "Fun and Exciting Teaching Methods of "James Bondaygee 제임스 번데기., 신기한 원어민 선생님!"

2.  After you say this, go to Youtube and search for "The Bondaygee Song" (번데기 송), created by James Bondaygee.  By this time, the students' imaginations will be "turned on" and ready for learning!

3. Go to Study Menu section VGW#1 above and download all the files at the bottom of that page.  Print a large VGW#1 Poster and show it to all of the students at your school and keep it pinned to a wall where they can all see (natural curiosity is the best teacher).

4. Print a paper copy of the VGW#1 Word list and give it to all students.  Next, start playing the Very Good Word Music Videos in class and have students sing a long, encouraging them to memorize all the words.

5. Do steps 1-4 for all the classes of the same grade.  At a school I taught at, we had ten Grade 3 classes and when we started the Bondaygee System, we had all the classes compete together to see who could memorize the words first.

It was incredibly fun because we gave out prizes for the first students or the best classes in the school.

6. When students succeed in memorizing a song, have them come to the front of the class and ask them to recite all the words of the song, (발표하다). 

7. If your students are more advanced, you can use the Sentence List and mp3 listening file and have them write and memorize 5 or more sentences per class depending on their level.  You can test them next class, by asking them to write in English the sentence, which the Korean teacher says in Korean.  Example, ("Please write in English: 난 친구가 많아요".  Or you can ask them orally, "Who can say this in English: 난 친구가 많아요?" ).  By the end of the year, I promise you, your students will have a much better headstart with English than other schools.



Teaching Tips:

1. Show students this website and encourage them to download and study in the their free time.  When competing, you'll be surprised how hard some students will work.  I bet they'll memorize it all by next class!  With the "Bondaygee style" of learning, don't be surprised.

2. Make videos of the students successfully doing recitals (발표하다) of the Very Good Word Songs and post on your class website.  They will feel honored.

3. Try to see which class is the fastest in memorizing the words.  Make it a school game.

4. Contact myself, Mr. Bondaygee.  Though I'm in Canada now, I could possibly do a webcam appearance in your class with Skype.

5. Have fun.  I used to use my guitar and sing the songs while the video played in the classroom.  It was a lot of fun!

6.  If you can play guitar then try playing and singing these study songs in class along with the music video.  Send an email if you want the guitar chords.  It's all easy!


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